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                  Equipment Show

                  We deliver Hydraulic Cylinders to overseas countries

                  Quality Certification

                  All of our production sites operate in compliance with the strict quality requirements which must be fulfilled under the ISO 9001 certificate,Worldwide customer satisfaction is the key factor allowing us to penetrate new sales markets.

                  Equipment Show

                  Our computer-supported quality control system manages all of the main production processes. Every produts is issued with a test certificate documenting that its dimensions are within the stipulated tolerances. NACRE was the producer to obtain ISO 9001 certification. All materials supplied to us are checked in accordance with the relevant standard.

                  Quality Inspection

                  NACRE Hydraulics has a highly-developed automation system. high-precision process control helps us achieve the required degree of precision and reproducibility, essential for high-quality 'just-in-time' deliveries.

                  Contact Us

                  Address: Baoshi Road, Linjiang Industrial Park, Dawang Hi-tech Zone, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China
                  Tel:? +86-18126591998
                  Fax: +86 758 3981814
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