If you think that Instagram and Facebook are the only social media platforms for generating leads just because of a vast user database, then you must know that 80.33% conversions take place from LinkedIn! LinkedIn is where professionals pitch their product, do the hiring, post their views about industry, and much more. It is the best place for attracting clients and collaborations. Since people come there for networking, they do mention their contact details too! This makes it easy for lead generation and generates a vast database. In this article, we will discuss the best lead generation strategies on LinkedIn.

Publish Articles

Publishing quality articles full of statistics and intriguing ideas is the best way to show your expertise in a subject. You can answer the most common doubts about your product and sell it to the audience! It is a much better option than blogging as your connections can share the article, which will be shown in their news feed as well! In this way, you are using the network of your connections too! If your profile is visible, then your article will be searchable both on and off the platform. 

Post daily updates

Articles can be published twice or thrice a week, but posting daily updates will hook the connections towards you and your company/business. It will create brand awareness and create a personal relationship with your audience. Within the same daily updates, you can reshare the link to your previous articles or direct them to your website! This will increase website traffic. It is another way of generating organic leads. 

Join groups

LinkedIn groups are a fantastic option to interact with more people and create a more large network. You can ask and answer the queries asked in the group and further ask people to use your product/service. Don’t just start sharing your articles or posting in the group, rather interact with the people and share your views on others’ posts. 

Using lead generation tools

Lead generation has made it quite easy for marketers to create databases and generate leads. The lead generation tools available in the market nowadays integrate with CRM tools and LinkedIn, extract the contact details with just one click, filter the LinkedIn profiles based on the company name, size, and various other options. This eliminates the step of sending connection requests to all the possible leads and then asking for their email address. The second most intriguing feature is that lead generation tools also provide features like email verifier, email finder, phone number finder, etc. Some of the top lead generation tools are AeroLeads, Scrapp.io, Snov.io, etc.


With the perfect combination of the above strategies and lead generation tools, you can quickly generate leads and ramp up your business. The lead generation tools can generate analytics that will tell you whether your strategies are working right or not! LinkedIn requires regularity. If you make a habit of posting regular updates and weekly articles on LinkedIn, you can surely build an extensive network and grow more followers for your LinkedIn page. Through the posts, you can bring the viewers to your website too! Thus, LinkedIn serves multiple purposes with just one step!